One Nation

Sat, 09/21/2013 - 17:51 -- arelle

America is supposed to be one nation, the land of the free

the melting pot that allows for all walks of people and diversity

We grow up taught that each citizen has the right to life & liberty

along with

freedom of religion and speech

Sadly some citizens use their rights to spread racism and hate.

Their weapon of choice is to use their voice to discriminate

instead of spreading a message of peace and dignity.

Imagine how beautiful our society could be

if everyone took the time to open their eyes

and shut their mouths unless they had something positive to say

maybe then we wouldn't have to debate if someone's race

and religion makes them beautiful enough to win Miss America (USA)

Maybe one day we will live in a nation

where people are not discriminated by the color of their skin or their faith,

but that can only happen once everyone is accepted as a person

not just a face.

We can not continue to place stereotypes on people based on

the systematic category of race, which doesn't exist. We are all human, are we not?

Or has too much damage been done? Can one nation really exist when

so many been taught to continue to spread hate

that they can't appreciate the uniqueness of each individual,

beauty pageants are just another clandestine way to continue to spread racism and hate.


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