One More Chance

I found the one that makes me happy. 

I found the one that makes me smile. 

I thought we could wait for eachother but, I fell out of path for a while. 


You don't know how sorry I am, for disappointing you, hurting you, and

ruining our plan. 


Please give me another chance, you help me be me. 

I swear, I promise I won't do it again. 

Just come back so I can be happy. 


I hate myself for hurting you. Come back because there's only one you. 


I love everything about you. You're fun, honest, kind and it's all true. 


Why does it matter what they think about us. 

We know their gonna end up loving us. 


Give me one more chance and our lives will be full of joy, 

happiness and romance. 


I'll be honest  and loyal to you just like Jesus would like me to do. 


Just remember, I found the one that makes me happy, 

I found the one that makes me smile.

Give me one more chance and I will forever say, " I love you". 


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An appealing poem of amending words , regrets and to be given a second chance at love. Good luck and the poem reads very nice and fine as you express in a super cool way, with good refrain. Thumbs up,



Pls pleez. do review// comment my newest poem too, even though commenting is not common here but it's nice to hear from fellow humanity right?



Oh no. Please do comment to my poems. I would love to hear from you, and yes it is 

nice to hear from our fellow ones. 

Thank you. 

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