One man,One girl,One

Sun, 07/30/2017 - 14:56 -- emilyyk

One man,

One girl,

One beast,

Hoping to feast

Enters the beast. 

The least to resent her,

Townspeople enter

At the center 

Look delicious 

And also suspicious as can be.

One quick meal they will be,

Never again to be free.

Just one moment to steal,

To seal this quite tasty deal. 

Girl is now safe,

The townspeople shall take her place. 

The deal is now sealed,

She shall be held against her will.  

She starts to wonder, 

It was just one blunder.

She feels the thunder rumble 

The rough and tumble 

This stuff is real, 

She suddenly feels,

Feels veal is not going to be the meal.

Will she be the next part of the deal, 

The tasty one to steal?





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