One Last Letter

I’ve written you many a letter before

Till my hand ignited with  a sinewy burn

And I would have writ you one thousand more

Had you not become a lover scorn’d


You burned through my hand like hourglass sand

And nothing you could say could kiss it better

So let’s summarize that impassioned one thousand

With one last last blazing letter


Oh, that boy did charm me with his humor and dry wit

He did appeal to me,  a red-crowned sprightly child

A match ignited the heart’s wick, t’was lit

Those young, endrummed chests did beat so wild


You skimmed the surface of my tranquil lake

Creating ripples with every step tred

And what unbeknownst remained in the wake

Would later stain my waters red


You told me you loved me

And you’d love me with all the days that you had left

Only now that our time is through do I see

Your futile claims were a waste of breath


One day, you were just gone

Empty eyes one million miles away

How can you beg not to be left alone

If you didn’t want me to stay?


I didn’t mean anything to you anymore

Once burning so bright, our flame went out

What was real meant less than lore

Green rainforest entered a drought


Nebulous confusion had filled my days

You had made me feel so high, seemingly alkaloid

Now that I’m no longer under drug-induced haze

I can see that our love was nothing but void


You made me feel like I did you wrong

You indifferent, cold bastard

I wept as much as the nights were long

Until I surmised that you never really mattered.




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