One last breath/My reason to write.

I'll never forget that day.

The pain I felt was so strong, like someone was literally squeezing my heart.

The look in her eyes...

Well, there was no look in her eyes.

She was distant, and you could tell.

As she struggled to breathe, I said a prayer to myself.

I thought this was it.

I did not want my last memory of her to be in this god-awful nursing home.

While my best friend lay on her death bed, I felt completely helpless.

All I could hear was the oxygen mask.

Slowly she breathed in, and then she breathed out.

Then suddenly, she tried to speak.

I could barely make out those three words, but she said it.

"I love you too," I said, as I held her hand tightly, as if for my own dear life.

Even though there were other people, family even, in the room; it had felt as if it were only her and I.

As they wheeled her out of the room to take her to the hospital for immediate care, I stepped outside and let my tears just fall.

Even though she didn't pass away until a few days later, I had thought this was our last moment...

It's such a crying shame I had to see my own mother like that.

I could barely even recognize her anymore.

But at least now I am at peace, because I know she is not suffering.

The pain I felt, and continue to feel is the reason why I express myself through writing.


And may God Bless her Soul.


For my Mum... RIP 11/1/09 I miss you Angel O:-)



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