One of a Kind Masterpiece

To attempt to meet the expectations of others was nearly the death of me.


I thought too much and ended up doubting my own beauty.


They drained me of all that I had like ravenous parasites,


And once I was dry and lacked life, they said goodbye. 


Thus, I realized I am not for everyone and not everyone is for me. 


When they left, I felt as forlorn as could be,


but their absence allowed me plenty of time to wonder.


If they were meant to lift me up, why did I feel like they were people I was under?


If they were genuine, why would they belittle me for the things I cannot change?


They tried to convince me that I was abnormal, but now I’m okay with being strange.


The aspects I own that they despise,


Are the same qualities they wish they could utilize.


They tell me I’m too dramatic,


but perhaps they’re too static.


Maybe they envy the way I walk into a room and glow so bright,


As they grumble in their dark rooms that lack any source of light.


I found that in order to rise again, I had to drop dead weight.


My fears were raging, but I had to set them straight.


To find myself again means to break free from my restraints, 


And I’ve come to realize they were not my supporters, they were my constraints.


Never again will I let someone try to tell me I am not beautiful.


If such a mistake occurred again in another lifetime, that would be pitiful,


because I know now that I am a one of a kind masterpiece.


My beauty cannot be replaced and my power will never cease. 

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