One Job...May Change My Life


I have a dream, a future that I envision

A mission to make change in the nation

What if we can fix the broken upon recent creation?

Become a doctor for the little ones, become a Pediatrician.


We can check on them many times at a certain range.

Beginning from “no age”

To them reaching that first stage,

Thus, arriving at age two in just a turn of a page.


Soon after, when they dive

Into three, four, and five

We make appointments to arrive

Just to check and see they are good and alive.


Now is when we can change the schedule.

After five, automatic appointments become manual.

Checkups change from frequent to annual.

Call when they are sick, if you don’t who will?


In times like these, we can check for a disease

Illnesses, pains, while we smile and say please

And thank you, asking how they feel, thus, using our expertise

To make them feel comfortable and, especially, at ease


We then treat for physical, mental, and behavioral issues

We treat them with a cast, with a shot or even a tissue

Diagnosing and resolving problems that make them say “I`ll miss you”

Who was the Pediatrician who was able to help with all of this? ... It`s You.


Never ever saying, " I did everything i could"

But always saying,"This may change their lives for good."

Becoming a Pediatrician will change my life for good

As I always dreamed it should.


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