One Job That's Worth a Thousand Lives

One job that can change face of the world is nothing you'd expect.

Not a civil rights activist, or a world peace advocate.

Something more simple, something crucial to survival.

A water resources engineer.

Complicated? Maybe.

Hard work? Possibly.

However it's more than just the wages and the degree.

It lies in the work.

The meaning of the work.

As the cost of living increases,

And the number of hard working people are being displaced are increasing,

More "third-world countries" will emerge,

And clean water will become a luxury and not taken for granted.

This job discovers where water is poor, 

And innovates ways to benefit the welfare of the people,

Through producing cleaner water for healthier lives.

The magnitude of this job's benefits outweigh the wages.

This job is not only worth a thousand lives,

But can also save a thousand lives.


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