One Job May Change My Life...But What Is That Dream Job? It Is A Dream.

When I was a baby: I was happy. There was no dream job, no goals to speak of. I was just happy.


When I was one year old: All I wanted to do was to hug my stuffed elephant, and tiger, and pig... I was a veterinarian, caring for all my animals. 


When I was two years old: I refused to subscribe to the 'terrible twos'. I was a peacemaker.


When I was three years old: I learned how to write my name, and I was very skilled at drawing pictures. I was a one-woman author/illustrator team.


When I was four years old: I figured out that unlike me, my sister did participate in the 'terrible twos'. So I decided to help out, I was a mommy.


When I was five years old: I tied a blanket around my waist and consistently jumped off my bed. I was a superhero!


When I was six years old: I learned to bake cookies and make lemonade, then learned how to stand at a street corner and sell my products. I was a businesswoman. 


When I was seven years old: My sister didn't like to read, so I became her mentor. I loved to read her stories; I was a storyteller.


When I was eight years old: I was obssessed with science experiments, I was a chemist, a physicist, and an archeologist.


When I was nine years old: I spent a summer in Colorado learning to rockclimb. I was destined to be a professional rockclimber.


When I was ten years old: I was homeschooled. I studied Ancient Greece and mythology; I was a history guru.


When I was eleven years old: I believed I was a secret agent; I create confidential files and went on secret missions. Scratch that-I was a secret agent.


When I was twelve years old:  I discovered my allergies to wheat, tomatoes, corn, and more. I was a doctor, curing all diseases.


When I was thirteen years old: I completed my first 10,000 piece puzzle. I was a stockbroker, skilled at putting all the pieces together, yet never losing sight of the big picture.


When I was fourteen years old: I was a bookworm, absorbing all information like I was a sponge. I was a Jeopardy host and creator.


When I was fifteen years old:  I volunteered at a soup kitchen for underprivledged kids. I was a philanthropist. 


When I was sixteen years old: I took two part-time jobs to raise money for my college education. I was an adult, wise beyond my years.


Now: I am all of these things, and more. So what is my "dream job"? What do I want to do with my life, more than anything else? I can only hope that whatever I do, I put in 100%, always working hard, never losing sight of the big picture, and most importantly, always remembering to be happy. In the past year, I have wanted to be a yogi, the 'Happy Baby' position taking me back in time to my childhood; I have wanted to be a documentary filmer, changing the world with beautiful shots, movements, and voiceovers; I have wanted to be an activist for animal rights, hoping that someday others will see, as I do, the importance of equality among all living things. There are a tens upon tens of other instances in my life, some big moments, some tragic mistakes...I cannot name them all. But I know what they are. Deep down, I am composed of all of my dreams. I am everything I hope to be; I am my dreams, I am a dreamer. And hopefully one day, I will cease to dream what I should be or want to be, and just be.


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