that one job that can

that one job that can change my life

is like the moment they finished the great wall of china

what is it you might ask 

keep  reading and you shall see

i came across it when i was younger

brought n front of me

like the blue ribbon at a county fair

you see it was then when i determined whati wanted to be

it caught my attention

because i speak my mind and prove my point

you cannot and will not tell me no without reason

i will give you facts and a vaild reasoning as to why i should

have you figured it out yet...

No well here's another clue

this job pays big, and is used everyday

they help the ones thatare really innocent but are proven gulity

they put mudersand many otheres behind bars

but sometimes miss a few

often they are called sharks 

but hey what can you do

give me the money and ll give you your trial

let me handle your case and i'll hand you your freedom

i hoped you figured it out

cause you just read a poem 

by the next big lawyer



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