One Job

There is only one job that could change my life. Its the job that Ive been working towards for as long as I can remember. My one life changing job, my goal, my dream, is own my own zoo.

Ive worked in an exotic store all my life and have fallen in love with every animal I lay my eyes on. Yet the thing is I have a stronger desire, for the weird, the exotic, the out there animals, especially the reptiles. They are my passion, and I work and connect with them in a way that I think compares to no other animal trainer. I have taught monitors to beg like dogs for their food, and tamed even the most devilish snakes. I want my experienes and knowledge from there to guide me into the job that will change my life

My zoo will the premiere front runner on all aspects of animal well being and research. Every animal will have the highest degree of care, and quality of life available, Begone with the tiny metal cages, and say hello to large expansions of slices of home. My animals will be treated as well as guests in a five star hotel. They are the stars of the show. 

I will achieve my dream in any way possible. My personal animals will be the start of it all. My snakes, and lizards, and other random animals that I will collect and breed will be able to start a beautiful zoo environment. Over time i will build upon it with more and more exotic animals. Kinkajous, Kangaroos, penguins, and bears. I have a passion to learn about all the animals and find what is the best for them. Not the best for me.

Having a zoo will change my life in amazing ways. I will be able to put animals normally cast aside in peoples minds to the forefront of their vision. Making them realize what beautiful and amazing creatures inhabit our earth. My entire life will achieve its peak. Living amongst the animals and caring for them with the passion and respect I have for them now will be everything I have ever hoped and aspired to.


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