One Job...

Sun, 02/23/2014 - 19:34 -- Diana_G

The beginning of my life shaped the end.

Bare bones exposed from under nourishment

Made me want to dig myself out of the hole we were living in.

From violent nights came a curiosity of those violent actions.

The bugs that crawled on our cracked walls

Resembled those that explored a dead body.

Science enlightened me towards the correct path.

The cadaver lab I visited ignited my passion.

Instead of following the example of my

Misguided neighborhood

I decided to console it.

Rather than putting bullets in people’s heads

I wanted to determine who, what, where, and when someone was killed.

The bare bones I had now want to examine bones.

I dug myself out of that grave now I am resting people in theirs.

It might sound odd, but I want to be a

Forensic anthropologist.


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