The One I Love The Most

The One I Love the Most


To be physically alone doesn’t always mean that no one is with you. As I lay here quiet and look into my heart I know God is really what matters in this life. Sorting through my many possessions that I was blessed to have, I would take my prayer journal, which would help time pass.


A book filled with my with my most intimate thoughts, tears I shed as I wrote, prayers begging to the Lord, and the joy brought after the pain is what I couldn't dream to live without. It's me. My memories, my morals, my strength and the way of life. A journal that carries a spiritual weight of a love that can not be replaced.


To have these sacred conversations between God and I means everything . The feeling of a simple object or even a person I've come to know could not give me the feeling to live like the one I love the most.


To look back on my struggles and how God worked his magic, could only give me hope and something to believe in. When you've had a past like mine, what is it to be stranded on an island without a home ?


All I ever needed was God. No matter the situation, he continued to make a way even when there seemed to be no way out. He's my blessing and my hope. Sometimes it's not about the object that helps you survive but the spiritual aspect that makes you feel alive.



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