One Deserves to Live

By the love from a mother,

A house becomes a home.

By the same love,

A baby is able to be born. 

Formed deep within the care of a woman,

This baby is a gift from God.

Created from within,

One deserves to live.

God gave life to he and she

As he did to you and I

And every other human being.


"Mommy, I'm growing day by day,

With skin and bones,

Fingers and toes.

Just ten weeks,

And I've grown hands and feet.

You giggle when I kick.

You've seen pictures of me,

Inside you, a tiny body.

Oh, I can't wait to see you, mommy"


Limb by limb

A baby boy is torn apart.

Inch by inch,

They begin to take his heart.

The right to choose- that's a lie.

Babies don't choose to die.


"Mommy, goodbye.

Goodbye to the things I shall never see

The rainbows, the flowers, the lively trees.

I'll never smile. I'll never cry.

I'll never grow up to have children or a wife.

I'll never have a birthday, or games to play.

I'm a baby mommy, but also a human being."


Taken away, Taken and denied opportunity.

Taken away, in fear of responsiblity.



Twenty years of life a child will not live.

Twenty friends a child won't have.


"The right to life is among human rights,

Would it bother you more if they hurt me with

A gun? But you don't care mommy, do you?"


Awaken in heaven, you'll be loved there darling.


"Goodbye mommy"

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