One day You'll know the feeling


Shady faces.

You only know If you fit the status quo

Friends that aren't my friends at all

People who act like they're better

but I was once a friend of yours

what changed since then?

You ignore me like I'm not even there

Like I'm stupid or irrelevent

But you should be scared

I will be your boss one day.

I'll pay your check that feeds your kids

and I'll remember what you did

When you sweetly ask me How I've been

This time you won't turn away

like there is nothing to what I have to say

This time you won't talk to me like I'm a child

because unlike you, In my teen years I am not wild

I do not run amuck with boys 

I do not have all the technology

but one day you will respect me. 

You'll pretend to be the friend, you once were to me.

And I won't pretend that I'm listening.



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