One Day

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 17:03 -- arelle

There is something very wrong with the way people are living. Instead of building each other up, we find ways to break others down. This unfair bias, hatred is everything.

It is present in the air, we breathe it in and it fills our lungs up. We breathe out racist, sexist, homophobic rants. We attack individuals and critique everything; the way someone looks, the color of their pants, and we someone correlate someone's race contributes to their ability to dance.

We are a society obsessed with skin and teeth and hair. Instead of taking the time to get to really know someone and look in their eyes, we are quick to jump to conclusions and analyze...

 Hurtful words scar deep and implant themselves into the brain where they remain for eternity. Bodies are mangled to conform to the societal norms. 

 Our society has made it so it is no longer enough to be yourself, you have to be an imitation of the unrealistic images you see on TV or in the glossy magazine full of Photoshopped make believe. But you believe it. You bought what they are selling you. You swore you would never, but just take a look in the mirror. Take a good hard look at yourself. 

But still you strive for that one thing; acceptance. No wonder this cycle of depression, eating disorders, and plastic surgery appears to be never ending. Kids are killing themselves and others because they are sick and tired of pretending. If people don't step up to break this cycle, it will continue for generations to come until the damage becomes so severe it can never be undone.

My God, society, why did you ever allow this to be done? To make women hate their bodies, to compare themselves to their best friends, to feel ashamed. To make it unacceptable for men to express emotion. To this obsessive nature, this devotion to be something we're not.

This cycle of bullying needs a serious readjustment, or our future is shot.


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