One Day

Sat, 10/19/2013 - 19:59 -- czimmy


One Day. 

That's all we had.

One day to say goodbye. 

One day to cry.

One day to collect our memories

And our courage

And get out.

I was stronger, and I understand that.

I was strong enough for 

The both of us that day.

But all I wanted was a little gratitude. 

A simple thank you. 

I packed your things for you, 

Because you were afraid,

Because you were crying.

I packed your things

So you wouldnt have to see

All the crazy, all the bad. 

So you wouldn't remember it that way.

Because even though 

It was ugly

And it was cruel 

And it was wrong,

It was only One day.

But it was our last day. 


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