One Day

One day

the Sun forgot

to rise

finally succumbing

to Darkness creeping

the moon was abandoned

left to govern,

to keep life turning,

and combat the darkness

broken and bloody


against a tidal wave

one cut

crumbles the damn

Darkness rising


Whisper, whisper

heed the voices


listen carefully

bend to their will

and learn to

love the chill

feel the obligation

of perception

singing eulogies of solitude

you are alone

find comfort

in the cold, hard


no one

will protect you

why open your eyes?

there is nothing to see

Darkness overwhelms





the moon turns

blood red

abandoning her children as

harvest begins

empty yourself




and commence

the Blood sacrifice

to appease the darkness

and live

to die

yet another day

Darkness served


your hopes trail

and the heart hollows

as the soul waves goodbye

clouds pour

overwhelming judgments

as storms rip across the sky

you are nothing



why me?”

it simply rains


as the sky darkens

and stars drift apart

leading happiness

like a collared dog

your foundation cracking,

ambitions drowning

in the

blood red sea

release fear and

feel no longer



Darkness eternal


ghost towns

meet wastelands

and sickness sets in

every river

every cliff

becomes a graveyard

of suicidal slips

heat dissolves

and silence mounts

steering towards


your essence slowly spoils

while mortality is discovered

and throughout the pain

Darkness laughs


the moon peeks

from beyond

depression’s blinders

her mistake

tears fill the oceans


with all her heart

to fix

what she left behind

becoming the sun,

she attempts to replace

but without

there is only night

Darkness triumphs


the heavens dim

the moon struggles

to light the sky


splinters of hope

begin to arise

silver moonshine

reach for

empty husks

of long ago personalities

but now

you can see

every fault

of your distorted carcass

all of the beauty

that no longer resides

crisscrossed scars

leading to

a shattered heart

and though you can see

all the


you shred your fingers

straining to gather

that which can never be


through the mire

of past sentiments

and concrete walls of

abusive traditions

the darkness

is plain to see

the Sun never rose

and so

it will never


as the moon becomes the sun

as silence endures

as you linger only to die

the day of Darkness



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