One Day

Love’s fool that treasures my heart

With many distances apart

There is no one to blame, just I to start

The one who is painting this work of art


Many have come but the chosen is one

He who comes from the state of the shining sun

Efforts futile to make this love undone

A journey with no clear destination has begun


This love for him that I have made

Deep in my heart it shall never fade

No price will be ever paid

To see our souls hidden in a masquerade


Time walks the roads alone

While we see our lives to be grown

And watch every fall the leaves to be blown

Wondering every second may I be of his own


Should our paths ever cross one day

Even if long gone and faraway

That is where I long stay

Forever in your arms I could die away


Love is real, Love is not just a shield

We can never try to yield

This love will be revealed

And to each other our hearts will not be concealed 


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