One Chance


United States
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I always remember the days when I kissed you and all the times we hung out because those are the memories I don't want to forget. Today I was walking through school and I saw you with him. So in love even though he doesn't love you the way I do. Is it really love or lust? Lust doesn't hurt like this. I am not sad or upset or anything just kinda disappointed in the person you said you would never become. So know that you know, hope you have a wonderful life, just know that I miss the old you, the person I fell for and didn't have a chance too fight it, the new you isn't you, your just hiding who you are to impress others. Change for YOURSELF not for a guy... Just know I am not going to care anymore, doesn't hurt, and don't expect me to love you again, because I don't see you that way any more. If you want to know the truth, I see you so alone and abandoned by what you said were your true friends. Just can't wait to you get disappointed and come back to us. But know this, when you do, I won't be there.

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