One Breath At a Time





Surrounds me

I am chained up in a dark place

The air I breathe

Is toxic; I don't want to inhale it

Yet I do

I do inhale it because I have to breathe

It's the only way

But I am strong

I am brave

I know who I am

And I will not stand down

The negativity will not overpower my positivity

The bitterness will not overtake my happiness

The unkindness will not overturn my kindness

And I will stand

I'll stand for as long as I have to

I will endure whatever is thrown at me

By the ones I love

And those I don't

I will defy the laws of evil

And smile because He gives me the strength to

He is my guide, my Saviour

I would fall into His arms with my eyes closed without thinking twice

Because I know everything will be alright

As I am chained, I think about the





Ahead of me

Why does evil exist?

Do I want this to continue in my life?


So as I start to break free

I see light

I see me spreading love and forgiving

I see my strength and faith unleashed onto others

The chains of evil hold me back

But I don't fret

I persist and push

Push and persist

Until I am free

But not completely free

Free enough where I want to breathe

Where I am able to breathe

I am now walking loose amongst everyone

Gathering everyone in my path

For a new and better tomorrow






I am.



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