One Bird's Journey

A bird’s journey starts outside the nest

From Fledgling to mature thinking back to before it could fly

What lies beyond the branches will show the bird best.


With the winds of possibility beating against the chest

While bearing crest and a way of life,

The bird’s journey can only start outside the nest


The goal is not to remain but be welcomed as a guest.

Birds will live and laugh and smile and cry

And lessons learned beyond the branches will show the bird what is best.


The curiosity of youth should be explored with zest.

As the limit to possibility extends well beyond the sky,

Every bird’s journey starts outside the nest.


The wish to excel should outweigh the fear to progress.

The freedom of flight is fueled by the warnings of the inside

And the joys beyond the branches show the bird best


As seasons cycle through troughs and crests

And the bird says goodbye,

What lay beyond the branches will have taught the bird best

All birds’ journeys start outside the nest.


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My family
My community
Our world
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