The One And Only You

For Kamela

There’s no wife like the capable wife you prove to be day after day
No other young lady has stronger love than your gracious love

There’s no quality time like the special moments you and I share
No greater joy dwells in a heart than the joy you bring out in me

There’s no sentimental line or poetic phrase like the one you tell me
No fragrance is sweeter than your aromatic perfume that fills the air

There’s no flower like the shell pink rose on your beautiful corsage
No finer wine is fermented than the wine you poured out in my glass

There’s no graceful dancer like you in the lively ballroom tonight
No one has given me a better gift than the gift of your amazing love

There’s no jaunty person with such felicity like you in the world
No fair woman can uplift my mood except the one and only you

There’s no friend like you when I need the friendliness of a lady
No promise is more comforting than the vows we made in autumn

There’s no ideal relationship like our happy and prosperous wedlock
No love would exist if you weren’t such an extraordinary person


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