That One

We live in a world obsessed with wants and desires.

We want what we can't have and we fight for we don't need.

Our lives are made up of endless choices,

This one...

Or that one.

Do we choose true love or profitable selfishness.

Do we choose fake friends or true friends.

Do we choose life or death.

Or are we able to have both.

Do we have the ability to see both sides of the same coin.

There's always that one in a million.


I don't want to be that one.

I've already become that one.


Each day that I live, I die.

Each day that I rise, I fall.

Each day I sing, I choke.

Each day I smile, I cry...

And I keep crying,

I don't stop until the day comes where I have to hide behind my mask once again.

I avoid the questions.

I tell them because I know if I hide it it will seem worse to them.

i tell them to keep them worry free,

I refuse to let anyone worry about me.

I fight each day and I fight each night.

Sometimes I do hurt

Inside and out.

I don't tell them that.

I hide it well.


Despite all of that,

I feel myself slowly regaining my strength.

I can feel myself getting stronger day by day, night by night.

For once I feel in control again,

Even if it is every once in a while,

Even if it is for an hour or two.

I have gotten better.

That's why I don't want them to worry,

Because I know I am strong.

I don't want them to worry because there are those who are much worse than myself,

I'm nothing special.

I'm not that one that they need to worry for.

I will never be...

That one.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thats inspiring

flourish your drive and succeed

well said

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