it's not always good,

but we do not want do spiral down,

we want things to prosper,

to have innovation,

we want a difference,

to have a positive movement,

but, how do we possibly get there?

I know we all want the cure for disease,

as well as world peace,

but realistically, 

we must start small,

personally, I dream of a brighter future,

I too would love to live in a perfect world,

unfortunately, it's not realistic,

however, what is realistic is changing someone's world,

changing the whole world might happen by starting off with a single soul,

lending someone a hand,

taking out someone's trash,

holding the door open for someone,

just letting someone vent to you,

by being open minded and opening your heart,

we can all change the world,

one person is all we need to start. 




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