The One

I am the one who won't be remembered,

who's soul has been scarred, my heart dismembered.

I am the one who cries alone,

but to others, my weakness I'll never show.

I am the one who pretends to be strong,

but first impressions are almost always wrong.

I am the one who always has to lie,

"Never trust anyone" is a rule I live by.

I am the one who's never believed in dreams,

life is a nightmare, at least that's what it seems.

I am the one who's been broken,

shattered by promises, words falsely spoken.

I am the one who grew up too young,

in this life, I do not belong.

I am the one who fights myself,

always another battle, with no alliance to help.

I am the one who wants to give up,

but I won't, for I haven't proved enough.

I am the one whose life you're reading,

I am the one, who tries to keep believing...


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