The One


I’m the quiet one

who talks

too quickly under the bright lights of a school


I’m the one on the sidelines

the only one watching

without better things to do


I’m the one who moves on to quickly

forgets too fast

and doesn’t know what to do with generosity


I’m the one who 

writes things

that don’t make sense

and loves them for it


I’m the one who thinks too quickly to talk

but not to write.


I’m the one who draws flames on her spanish papers

that go both ways


I’m the one who forgets to fall asleep

and then longs to stay that way



I’m the one who didn’t have a regret

for a total of two weeks

and fears guilt more than anything


I’m the one who’s five


anything but fifteen


I’m the one who can’t see the difference

between me

and everyone else


Is there one?

doesn’t everyone feel this way?

Then why do they look so bright,

when I feel so dark

and frightened


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