Once was

There once was a boy who loved with his heart, 
he loved with passion, 
and thought everyone was a beautiful piece of art. 
but then bridges were burned, 
and tables turned, 
and the things he once knew, 
were splattered askew. 
So he packed up his things and kept them locked tight, 
but then one day a girl came into his sight.

there once was a girl who had all that she knew, 
but one day she found herself feeling quite blue. 
A pirate had come in and took her treasure, 
she thought he was kind but he did it out of pleasure. 
Then he left her with nothing and nothing she was. 
Till one boy came to sight and un-jaded her eyes. 

The boy and the girl mingled over words. 
things like itches and wars and messes and feels 
and the boy became comfortable and moved himself in. 
He unpacked his boxes and started to love again. 
The girl then there realized that even thought the pirate had gone.
She had found the greatest of treasures 
and that was love. 

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