Once Upon A Time


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Once upon a time the choice words of "Because I love you" sent me soaring into this giddy state of euphoric acceptance that lead to trust whomever said the words blindly like a newly born babe. I never needed more evidence than those few words for I thought that was enough. That if someone were to state it out loud like a fact that scientists from all over the globe collaborated to figure out in the most advanced labs that our time can create than it must be true. That it had to be true.

Well once upon a time seems to be so long ago.

Since when the words "Because I love you" are uttered I can only recoil back in this state of unholy pain as the words spoken can only seem to remind me of horrid romance movies that no one loves. I suppose that comes with age... you know. Since those words are just that: words. Meaningless like dead rotten fields filled with the most beautiful invisible flowers that men will proudly proclaim to the emperor that "This ethereal field is there. I promise."

And words are meaningless if you don't have the evidence to support it. Like an essay you have to have evidence from the text before you can even think about boldly stating your thesis to win the approval of your harsh logical teacher. And this is the kind of teacher who will look at the men in the rotten fields of flowers that cannot be seen, and take down their hair tied up in a dark red ribbon just to tell them to " Make me a bouquet with those empty flowers of yours, or start tilling the land to actually plant something." Then she will turn to you and snigger at the empty words that you flimsily hand her and say "Can you provide sufficient evidence."

The teacher knows that evidence is easy to find now, and all you have to do is show it. It doesn't take much for this thesis statement to be sufficiently back up. It's not an analytical essay where you have to dig through a forgotten tome written in a dialect that is only ever used now by actors in bad romance movies that no one loves to make the time period they're desperately trying to recapture a time past. No no no instead all you have to is say more than words. Say actions. Say gifts. Say being there when the times start to become a downhill slope that you can't help but falling down. 

Once upon a time happened a long time ago in romance movies that no likes and never will like. So don't use those silly lines in hopes of winning the teacher over without at least some evidence.

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