Once Upon a Shooting Star

     Once upon a shooting star. I gazed up to the night sky. How blue I was, sad tears I shed. Oh, how I wish you were here my dear. I made a gesture. To ask you something from afar. It was completely out of nature. Asking you to send me a shooting star. I thought, How silly am I? Bring me a sign? Bring me something to show me you're still here. I could of laughed at myself. Could have been like oneself. Not believe such things could happen. My own world thy was trapped in. Until this night. I could have said. Thou wasn't ready. For you to leave me yet. But until this night. You sent me somthing. To help me on my way. To help show me thee was with me, here to stay. You sent me more than just a shooting star. You sent me something to lift me high.      For you to leave me  

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