You told me once

That your name means

"To intoxicate"

First love can be very heady

I was just a stumbling alcoholic in your wake

Tossing back shot after shot of your smile

Trying to convince myself that

"This is what happiness feels like."


I told you once

that you were a seahorse

and I was a butterfly

Your instant reply was,

"Oh…so one of us is going to drown."

and I was terrified

Terrified of leaving

your world, so strange and yet beautiful to me



I told you...

more than I've ever trusted another soul with

I gave you as much as I could give

I never meant to deceive you

I never meant to hide myself from you

If I could, I'd find a way to regret what we shared

but I don't think that you quite understand why I'm upset


You helped me discover myself

You are a part of who I am

and I'll probably always love you for that

even if I can't tell you right now


You told me that you loved me

and meant it



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