Omega Red

The evil mutant named Omega Red wants to kill the coronavirus patients at a local hospital, which is bad;
When Professor X finds out what Omega Red want to do, he gets mad.

Professor X sends his X-Man named Wolverine to stop Omega Red, as you can see;
Wolverine and Omega Red are martial arts experts and I'm speaking honestly.

Wolverine searches for his foe;
Here are more things that you should know.

When Wolverine finds Omega Red and the supervillain sees him, he tries to kill the X-Man immediately;
During their fight, Wolverine grabs Omega Red by his tentacles and flips him over, which is amazing as can be.

When Wolverine knocks out Omega Red, he calls the police, which is cool;
Omega Red is a total fool.

The coronavirus patients thank Wolverine for saving them, which is nice;
Omega Red is cold as ice.

Wolverine tells the doctors to give the coronavirus patients a drug called remdesivir and I'll tell you why;
Remdesivir will cure the coronavirus patients and that's no lie.

The doctors agree to give the coronavirus patients remdesivir and here's something else that I'll say;
When the police arrive to arrest Omega Red, Wolverine goes away.


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