Olympus A.A.

By Malkyah Angelique


HI, I'm Dionysus

Might as well dive right in

No point in delaying this


My wife says I need rehab.

I'm the god of partying

Is my drinking habit that bad?


Now she's trying for a divorce

Says I'm seeing other women

And I really wanna know her source 


She accuses me of having crazy parties

And I guess its my fault

I drink so much there's a lot I don't see


I hear tell of women going savage

Tearing apart the city with wild abandon

In their wake leaving only carnage


I know I'm a beast at raves

Thats the best way to describe it

My inner panther really misbehaves


Wine just helps me unwind

If you would even believe that

Because to all my problems, it makes me blind


Come to think of it that's probably not healthy

Man, and I really love my wife

She's stayed by me even when I'm beastly


Guess I should tear off this scab

Hey, I'm Dionysus

I'm an alcoholic

And I need rehab

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