Old Songs Will Never Die

Why do sweet songs end so quickly?
And why do the blues hurt so badly?
I can’t help reminiscing the starry night
We were at a karaoke in New Kingston
Soft music was playing and the guests were dancing

I saw her standing alone by the window
She was singing soft and low
I walked right up to her and manneristically said,
“Would you like to dance?”
Nothing felt quite as good as getting her consent

I put my arms around her waist without hesitation
And she invitingly hugged my neck
We danced closely to the rhythm of the cha-cha

I fell in love with her while we were dancing
We kissed passionately near the poolside
I dried the tears from her cheeks with my handkerchief
And we didn’t want the night to end

Play me a tear-jerking song with lyrics that say,
“She’s gone, my little gypsy is gone
Her love made me feel so good
She’s gone and now I feel so bad”

No matter the passing years, old songs will never die
They remind me of the things we did,
Such as wine and dine, kiss and embrace
The memories of her haunt me in my sleep

I wish the old songs could make my wish come true
Take me back in time to where I met her
It was an exciting night with an adorable woman


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