The Old, Old Mill

The rabbit went walking

Up, up the hill

And met his friend

The flamboyant squirrel

Said Squirrel to Rabbit

“Have you seen the old mill?

It’s tumbling, tumbling

Down to the ground”


Then Rabbit quipped

“Sounds ripe for exploring

The rumbly ruins

Of yesteryears past”

“Be wary,” cried Squirrel,

“For hawk is asoaring

Sharp talons and eyes

Over the old mill”


Mad-dashing to safety

They stuck by one another

Under chick-wire thickets

Too tight for a mouse

Crackling wheat stalks

Provided no cover

But they made it past Hawk

To the mill’s crumbly stones


There in the ruins

The found what they found

A treasure of berries

And nuts from last fall

“Away!” whistled Rabbit

And with a short bound

They leapt into the story

Of the new day to come


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