Old Man

When I was five

You held my hand

And opened the heavy doors

To my new school

When I was eleven

You waved from the car

And I walked in alone

When I was sixteen

You waved goodbye

And found your new life 800 miles away

Never did I think a door could be so heavy

As I moved into my freshman dorm

Never did I know

I needed my dad as much as I did then

I walk alone

The door doesn’t seem as heavy any more

You held me up as I walked

Now I stand tall

You may have left

But your mark is still there

Everywhere I look, I see my dad

When I look into the mirror, I see your eyes

When I write, I see your words

I see your handwriting in mine

I see you, even though you’re gone

When I was sixteen, I was mad

Mad you left my hand empty when I needed it the most

But now I am grown

Walking in this world on my own

I am strong where you were weak

And now I know where I stand

I miss you, old man

But you made me who I am

This poem is about: 
My family


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