Old guy reflecting on his past..

Tue, 01/26/2016 - 08:55 -- Qasid

Red roses have turned black now
The clouds of rain whisper in my ears
Time has thrown me back now
In the days of no fears....

Somethin i see when I look into a mirror.
The good times and the horror
The wrinkles on my face
The smiles given to me by grace
Description of my time spent
The days I didn't have my back bent

Smiling in the face of world
Flying like a free bird
The Arrogance and the pride
Like an oceans high tide

The unruly ways
The untruly says
The trustworthy fellas
And that secret crush of Bella's

Alas.. I had the days
Where I could have said the phrase
Could have made my life with her
But the bitterness of love we all have to taste

The energy overflowing in me
The joy overthrowing me
The nights merging into days
Roses losing it's petals

Back when i was a boy
Goin through the wet days and the dry
Better know as the black sheep
Nothing to hide no feelings so deep

Dancing my way through the crowd
My presence shouting my name out loud
No emptiness there was to fill
No guilty I had to kill....

The summers and winters of the life
Everyone has to witness
Spring is the choices we make
Autumn is the destiny....

I've known the four Seasons
I've lived them in a way
when you get to the truth
Life sways away with the death.

The old days have gone now
The silence now speaks to me
Those memories mess my head
Now there's not a long road Ahead.

I see my death on my door everyday
Always finding a way to take me away
A million things I've left to say
Wishing to get one more day.

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