Old Dog


I notice how my dog breaths heavier breaths than she once did.
She is anxious for her routine, for company, for home.
When she walks she can no longer bare to go all the way around the block-
instead she turns around when she cannot take the thought of not having her "pack" to return to.
What used to be an adventure that in return was rewarded with treats-
has become a tasking exercise only leaving her frantically searching the house for family. The moment she returns from the brief excursion she paces the halls room to room, glancing in search for her family.
But they are nowhere to be found.
I see her breathing again, this time at the steps. Almost like a whisper, a whimper, an aged panic.
So she stays alone in the basement, and I sit with her. The world is so quiet-
I hear her heart beating faster, only to slow to a stop when her eyes lower for nights approach



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