An Old Darken Throne

An Old Darken Throne


I walked alone

by an old darken throne;

it had given me fright 

just of its sight,


I held on tight because I 

know I am going for a ride

of some other kind 

it will blow one’s mind,


my own tantalized soul

made no joke to what I hold

I stand so bold

to the man getting close,


He is dressed in all black suit

at first I thought I was seeing 

Edgar Allan Poe walking around

wearing a big old long hat on his head.


But when he stood so near 

I had gone to sleep 

into a very bad dream 

ravens where flying around

looking for the lost and found,


Pains started coming my way 

in a cloud of darkness 

deep within my soul 

my body started turning cold,


I walked alone 

to an old darken throne 

now became my home.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1980


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