Old best-friend

Sun, 11/20/2022 - 15:56 -- margo.m

my heart aches

and it breaks


rip it out of my chest

please, i insist!

take it in your hand

hold it gently

please, oh so gently

hold it as you would a baby bird, so innocent and sinless


then squeeze the life out of it

absolutely desecrate my poor heart

tear the tendons away one by one


does it feel good?


feel my blood ooze down your arm (it grows sticky as you stall, doesn’t it?)

stop its pulsing with your bare hands

absolutely tear it apart with your claws

and look at me with idiotic bewilderment


why are you hesitating? you’ve done this many times

I thought it would be second nature at this point


do you feel better?

have the malicious feelings subsided?


I pity you, really, I do

It isn’t fair you must resort to such violent acts to feel satisfaction—


wait, what’s that you say? someone likes me!

well, please, do tell

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