Old beliefs are not always right


I look around

I see my friends

I observe as they are criticized

By people that dont even know them

I watch as teachers express derogatory terms towards them

I take in the way fellow classmates treat them

I see that friends can turn against friends

All because they are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or anything not heterosexual

I stand up for my friends

I defend them however I can

I reason with others, telling them they should be open-minded

For being different is not a bad thing

I have some awesome friends that dont feel comfortable going to school anymore

I have some magnificient friends who want to just die

I have some beautiful friends who want to kill themselves

And I speak to them everyday,

Make them feel needed everyday,

Listen to their problems everyday,

Because I love them everyday,

And teachers must understand that every student is important,

Every student counts,

And bullying should be stopped.

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