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Westerners have tried to change Africans mentality,

But whatever was planted in the soil of Africa has failed reality.

What was a dream to the mother of education,

Is not what seems to have attracted Africa's attention.

Africa is after money, as this is subtle in a dream of every African mother,

Taking children to school is the only hope for a better future.

Finding a well paying job is a dream of every student.

Owning a job is finding a source of silver and gold to an African.

"Life is at 40" is a language of every African who is a true son of a black continent.

A huge sum of money given to an African is the only motivation worth raising commitment.

The coming of corona virus has made life in Africa hell,

As some of the preventive measures are not taken well.

Today man's survival lies in person hygiene,

As we have animal diseases attacking human beings.

There is no doubt that catastrophes are anthropogenic.

Avoid touching your Chin to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Our brains have quite lost the sense of hygienic.

The hope for a pure African lies in the grace that is infinite.

Fighting problems that require a scientific a approach with a prayer, is rather lack of tranquility to Isaac Newton.

However, the hope for an African to live is consolidated at the beginning of a new dawn.

The problem of Africa is not natural, but rather an education quality full of inferiority...
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