Okay to not be Okay

I am afraid

Of you?

of course not.

Of me


I am afraid

That I will possess you

and not just caress you.

Who am I to think


That you are mine

And noone elses,

and not just your own piece of art.

I felt it


I am afraid

Because I should not dictate

yet I cannot help it.

You are you and I am me


But I am so consumed

With all of my endless worries

you became my escape.

That doesn't mean I didn't become your trap...




I am afraid

Because those green eyes

made me fall in the first place...

Yet now I am what makes them weep


I love when they get bright

I love you

so you love me, Right???

"Yeah..." Well then I must never give up!


I am afraid

Please dont't hang out with them

or I'll be upset.

Don't you love me


I am afraid

Because of course you do

and I know it...

Yet I can never except it


So I push you further

And further

into an abyss you should never have felt.

Or maybe I was your darkest lesson


I am afraid

Maybe watching the pain I cause

is my darkest lesson.

I didn't just think it


I felt it

With Frank in the back

that's life.

But I can't except it!


I am afraid

Because finally

you are getting strong.

You are tired of it


I should be running my fingers

Through that brunette hair

feeling your softest neck.

I should just love you


I am afraid

You don't believe me

I know what true love is.

I am just weak


But you are strong

So do us a favor

and break free.

So we can both learn



Don't be afraid... because it's;


This poem is about: 
Our world


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