Oh! To Write For a Living

Mon, 11/02/2015 - 23:54 -- mselzer

Oh to write for a living must be a wonderful thing
You do what you love then describe it to your eager audience.
Your pen becomes your greatest ally
The paper becomes your constant companion.
You are rewarded for lovers unloved and sights unseen.
For, as a writer, you can describe these things.
Battles ensue with tragic heroes
Children laugh with glowing innocence
Lovers fight for each other
And the readers understand the author.
Dreams of one become the fantasies of many
And as characters become real through their minds
They begin to read between the inked lines.
Everyday stresses become epic battles
And the hero still finds strength to carry on.
They almost break from the burdens they bear
But they all cannot for their courage they share.
Lovers are ever present
Friends last forever
For when a writer writes out their heart
Nothing can tear the story apart.
Oh to write for a living! 
Then my dreams too could live in others!
My ideas and thoughts passed on 
As I continue to write on and on.


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