Oh So That's What You Are

“Muse, where are you?”,

I wonder.

“Muse, what are you?”,

I  ponder.

I think about you all the time.

I contemplate your existence.

Are you here or are you there?

Come to think of it, are you anywhere?

I know I have seen you before.


I have no clue.

Thinking hurts.

Fortunately, its 2013.

I can find you muse.

I will find you muse.

By the power of the internet.

I look you up in the dictionary.

I examine your definition.

I question thoughtfully.

Muse you are my inspiration.

That’s what the entry said.

Muse you are my creativity.

That’s what the entry said.

I am sure that you are more than that though.

I look at another source.

Again, I wonder.

Again, I ponder.

Again, I question and think of you.

You must be something that I create.

You must be something that runs in me.

I think thoughtfully and more in depth.

I stand momentarily to reflect on you.

I turn this situation over in my mind.

Wait a second.

I halt.

What have I been doing all this time?

Oh muse. I have found you.

That’s exactly what you are.


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