Oh sister! My sister!

You personify
Brilliant, graceful, and don't forget remarkable

You're a role model for the ages
The brilliant example of beauty

I see a successful woman on a mission, every time you walk out of the door.

You're the witness to my worst, when I’m baffled and weak..And to my best when I stand tall as you, both taking pride in my achievements.

Never discerning but always encouraging

You cheer me on when I doubt myself.
When I feel miserable and distressed
You fetch me when I go astray from reality and put me on the right path.

And don't forget what you are to me
My hero, best friend, and co-conspirator

Thanks for being my sister
And being there for all my endeavors my ideals and goals in life.

Anybody would kill to have a sister like you
You definitely are one of a kind

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