Oh Say Can You See, Can You See Me?

Oh say can you see,

A country for all to be free.

To stand together,bond as one.

To leave no one alone as one.

To be different is to be seen as interesting

And not as someone disgusting.

Not all atain perfection wih their bodies

And those that don't, do not want to be nobodies.

My body revolts and has a mind of it's own.

I don't often mind, but some people will.

I walk a fine line to stay upright, unsupported, except for my might.

I do not hear, for my ears have taken flight.

I do not often mind, but some people will.

I operate on a fine line to understand all that is said, so I can be

included, in a way.

I have a problem with my speech, pretty much mute.

I don't mind, but really I do.

I put on a bave face and try the best that I can.

Some won't take the time to see who I am.

Oh say can you see,

A country for me and those the same as me.

To stand together, bound as one.

To leave no one alone as one.

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Amanda Speer

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