Oh Say Can America See?

Oh America the beautiful land that was here long before us was stolen, and the treachery of our foundation was made on the bones of the deceased. The warriors of these great plains whom of which were slain for personal gain, have cultivated our creativity.

Along with compassion and rage swirled up was defeat and disarray. The implications of freedom and its view of freedom that we now preach are not what others would expect.

The benign ways began to crumble and America as a whole began to crumble. But despite the losses, America itself has not been lost. What hasn't been lost; America's strong constitution.

Still here in its original glory are the trees, plants and animals and even some people. What hasn't been lost is the blue skies and the clear running waters? What hasn't been lost is the innovation of the nation, the constant development of our products that makes our lives better each day. Most important of all we haven't lost ourselves, because when we all come together as one, America is truly great.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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