Oh please, Shut up

Lets just talk to our students like they know wtf im saying

"This chemical compound plus society's reactions to mental behavior plus the sociological aspects of my frog----"




you know what i dont like? what is a shittttttyyyy sight?!

the fact that they assume students all have the same learning complex

good. night. 


my God. NO. how about breaking it down. speak some english alright?

maybe more kids would pass your exams tomorrow night.

and our class average wouldnt be a C.

We aren't all at a professor level.



OH.  And stop dressing like that.  and sipping your coffee like a giraffe.

as your nappy buck teeth scrape across the rim of the cup and you smack your tongue in your mouth as you proceed with our lesson.

I don't hate you cause I dont understand your teaching.

I dont understand your teaching because I hate you. 


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