Oh, the pain she is in


She walked and walked, appearing to enjoy life,

But no one noticed her cuts and her strife.

She stayed up one night thinking about an unreachable bliss,

And she cried as she watched the blood drip from her wrist.


At school she was outcast, being violent and wearing dark clothes,

If only people could have known it was herself that she loathes.

She made friends with smokers, the junkies, and the fags,

But they taught her how to look skinny, by making herself gag.


Her mom worked at night, never telling her daughter where she went.

But Jesse always knew what her mom did to pay the rent. 

Her father died when she was three,

She found him on a rope hanging from their oak tree.


She found her peace in drugs and sex,

And she was always drawn back to her abusive ex.

He got her on heroin to take away the pain from his fist,

But after the syringe came out, she still cried as she saw the blood drip down her wrist.


At her darkest hour she tried to commit suicide with pills,

But she awoke later; angry to be alive and feeling the chills.

Nobody knew the pain she was in,

Except for her mother who found her daughters suicide note left open.


She opened the letter and started crying with a choke

And prayed to God that this was a cruel joke.

She confronted on her daughter, and then called a cab,

Not a word was said on the way there, for, neither wanted to go to rehab.





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